How to Grow your business
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Learn my proven system to generate leads & grow your business in only eight minutes per day on Pinterest!
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What Is This Book About?
Pinterest will bring you a massive increase in your business, help you build your brand, and create a long-term, recurring lead generation platform for your business. In this book I am going to be teaching you about how to market yourself on Pinterest. You are about to embark on a new opportunity, and you will generate a lot of leads on Pinterest by following my plan.

You're going to learn how to find your prospects, what to do to turn them into leads, how to use Pinterest to grow your business (outside of making more sales) and a lot of creative ideas that will bring prospects to you! Depending on your industry you may only be able to sell to local customers, and I will teach you how to find those local customers.
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Here's What's included in How to Grow Your Business on Pinterest
  • The "REPIN" system: my proven Pinterest strategy to set up a long-term lead generation strategy 
  • I lay out the first 30 days game plan at the end of this book. There's no guessing, no twiddling, no confusion...just follow my plan and take action! 
  • WAIT! You've been on Pinterest for a long time but don't know if you can use that profile to build a business? I answer that question in the book. The answer is YES YOU CAN and I talk about strategies to turn the conversation to your business without sounding "sales-y" 
  • Several helpful worksheets, including: Edit Profile Checklist, Monthly Goals Progress Report, People to Invite Spreadsheet, Current Prospects List, and the Add a Pin Checklist.
  • ​​...and SO MUCH MORE! I've shown self-described "Pinterest Experts" my book and they have been BLOWN AWAY by the simplicity and power of the REPIN system! 
"It is realistic and easy to follow. He's all about solutions. He keeps it moving in the right direction. He doesn't tell anybody to do anything that he's not already doing, and it works!"
“if you follow his teachings and advice, and implement his ideas and strategies, you are going to have success.” 
I’m including 3 AMAZING BONUSES if you order through midnight on December 31st!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Here's The Bonuses You're Getting:


You get my video marketing guide you can use right away, the "Video Domino". (VALUE: $3.95)


You get unlimited access to my basic chatbot guide (with video tutorials) (VALUE: $29.95)

BONUS: Edit Your Profile Checklist

Checklist for how to edit your profile so it attracts your ideal clients to want to follow you (VALUE: $19.95)

BONUS: Monthly Goals Progress Report

Monthly Goals progress report that has been designed to help you stay accountable to your goals (VALUE: $9.95)

BONUS: People to Invite Spreadsheet

People to Invite spreadsheet that we use with our private coaching clients (VALUE: $19.95)

BONUS: Add a Pin Checklist

Add a Pin Checklist to follow so each pin has maximum reach and business impact (VALUE: $19.95)
Today, Alex is widely considered one of the leading high performance marketing coaches in the country. He has revolutionized the insurance and real estate marketing sector with his "Giveaway Funnel" strategy, and his trainings have been consumed by entrepreneurs worldwide.
Alex’s books include How to Grow Your Business on Pinterest and "Super Agent". He is followed by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs on Instagram and Facebook, his podcast has been rated as a top business podcast and his YouTube videos have been watched over 200,000 times.
He lives in Redding, CA with his wife Kathy, his daughter Ali and their two bichon frise dogs.
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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One of the things that I love about Alex is his commitment to always getting better. He's always working on the latest software, the latest technology. He's truly passionate about helping people grow their business online
- Eric Lofholm
Alex Branning and the Branning Group make online marketing simple. He is always ahead of the curve to provide me with vision on the next step in the online world. Dream Builders Solutions would not be where it is without him. Thanks Alex.
- Nick Bravo
His super power is making leads occur from nowhere!
- Dave Owens
I have worked with Alex on many projects and each time I learn more and more. This guy is the REAL deal! Make money for your business and be on the front line of thought leaders. Alex and his team are simply the best helping businesses make more money and saving time in the process!
- Casey Eberhart
My experience with Alex Branning has been very enlightening. I'm learning a lot from what he has to offer. He has a lot of experience in what is up and coming and what is working. When it comes to social media, I gotta say he's nailing it on point on a regular basis. His technique and strategy just seem to be a step ahead of what I'm seeing already being done.
- Tim Marquez
Alex is the best marketing partner you can get!
- Colby Amerine
Alex Branning is a tech & marketing expert. He has worked on my website, provided Pinterest feedback and through his webinars I have learned new marketing techniques. I highly recommend Alex for any and all of your marketing needs.
- Alan Caine
Work with Alex Branning because he produces the results, period. He's very good at what he does and he's very passionate about getting you the results. Outside of getting the results that we were looking for, I just enjoy working with him.
- Rick Shortridge
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